Which Are The Best Hearing Aids: Finding An Answer

by Dr. Beverly R. Johannsen

The best hearing aids come inbuilt with basic features of sound amplification and innovative features for digital connectivity and streaming. The hearing aids cost is based on the solutions offered by them. We will review the features and hearing aid prices of various brands so that you are aware of your options.

Which Are The Best Hearing Aids For You?

The hearing aids offered by the leading brands are considered as the best hearing aids since these brands have dominated the market for a while. However, these brands are not necessarily the best. A survey conducted by Consumer reports experts among the consumer reports members has indicated that about 19 percent of respondents purchased aids at hearing aid stores owned by manufacturers such as Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Starkey, and Widex.

The survey also indicated that the satisfaction levels of consumers with the best hearing aids showed an average reader score of 70, 100 being completely satisfied, 80 very satisfied and 60 somewhat satisfied. The hearing aid prices from the leading manufacturers start from $1000 and can go up to $3000+. It is good to familiarize yourself with the best hearing aids available in the market.


Phonak operates worldwide in more than 100 countries and has been around for 70 years. The Swiss company is popular for its premium quality and enhancing features from one level to the next. The hearing aids cost shows a proportionate increase as sophistication in technology increases.


The Danish company has led the hearing aid world of innovation for quite some time, being the first company to launch hearing aids with the iPhone.


Starkey technologies has been in business for four decades and is the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the United States. They believe in connecting people by offering them the best hearing aid solutions.


Signia was formerly called Siemens and has the reputation of bringing in cutting edge technology with German engineering advances. Ever since its inception a decade back, the company has added innovative features which has steeped the hearing aid costs.


Widex is one of the world’s largest manufacturer, based in Denmark and has focussed on designing best hearing aids with warm, balanced natural sound quality. Hearing aids cost resembles their leading competitors.


Unitron is one of the few manufacturers located outside Europe in Canada. Operating in more than 70 countries for more than three decades, Unitron believes in adding values to the lives of people. There are no added hearing aids cost for including different features.


Opticon has exclusively concentrated on hearing aids for four decades, although the company has been functional in Denmark since the early 1900s. The hearing aids are a combination of innovative technology and assistance to people by pushing the limits of technology.


The Lyric hearing aid is an exclusive product from Phonak as a result of decades of research and development in hearing assistance. It is an invisible hearing aid, sits in the ear canal for an extended period of 4 months and requires no change of batteries. The hearing aid costs greater than $3000.


Miracle ear has corporately owned retail centres all over the United States and has been in business for the past 70 years. It has the best in class products with leading digital technology. Due to high hearing aids cost, Miracle ear foundation also supports Americans with low income to meet their hearing needs.


Rexton falls under the umbrella of Sivantos Inc, which is one of the largest hearing group and has been around for the past four decades. Rexton products provide outstanding technology and exceptional features for speech processing and durability.


Bose has pioneered in audio products for 50 years and it was just recently when they stepped into the hearing world. One of their hearing aids which is intended for direct-to-consumer sale and for which no pre-programming or hearing test is necessary got FDA approval last year.


The Bone Anchored Hearing Aid or BAHA is a surgically implanted device designed to help people with hearing loss. The BAHA hearing price varies as per the medical facilities and can range from $4500USD-$8000.


Eargo is a relatively new revolutionary hearing aid company formed by ENT specialists, tech geeks and investors.


Walmart has hearing aids from different vendors both in-store and online. Hearing aids cost is lower than the market as with other products. There is a possibility that you may not find the latest products from various brands.


Amazon has an abundance of hearing accessories such as hearing amplifiers and hearing aid domes. Hearing aids from local companies with basic features can also be found on Amazon.

The hearing aid prices from the leading manufacturers is a pricey affair. They vary as per style, warranty, duration of contract and term of the trial period.  You must be aware of the reason why your hearing specialist has recommended a certain type of best hearing aid for you. The features of the hearing aid must meet your hearing needs and you will be totally trained to use them. Essential points to consider include trial period, manufacturer’s warranty on the aid, repairs management, and battery life. In case, you have unanticipated issues after trying the aid, you can change to another product, style of aid, level of technology or get a refund.

The selection of your hearing aid will ultimately depend on your personal needs, hearing problems and budget options. We can provide you honest advice to choose a compatible device from our collection of hearing aids. Our hearing aids are reasonably priced with outstanding technological features that can bring a positive change in your life.

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